Mixed Media

Ngamaji-Ngamaji (Mother-Mother) series 2010.
Mixed media on paper.
All works 100mm(w) x 150mm(h)

Sour Grapes 2009

"Sour Grapes", Triptych, mixed media on paper 2009

Latte to Go 2008

"Latte to Go", mixed media on paper, 2008

Images of Women,  2007

"Italian Bust", mixed media on paper 2007

"Images of Women", mixed media on paper 2007

"Seated Nude", mixed media on paper 2007

Australian Landscape Series 2007- 2011

Australian Landscape Series, mixed media on paper, 30cm x 110cm, 2007

Travel and Work in Italy and Spain 2003 - 2004
Vivienne produced and sold work such as this one below, to fund and continue her travels.

"Dinner With David", mixed media  Italy 2005